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The Benefits of Disposable Vapes

If you have been curious about disposable vapes and what the benefits are to vaping with disposables, you are in the right place.

Vaping has become more popular than traditional smoking and for good reasons but disposable vapes are the newish boys on the street. 

More and more people are choosing disposable vapes over the original re-fillable models and here is why.

Disposable Vapes are Cheaper Than Cigarettes

Traditional smoking is an expensive habit, there is no denying it. That’s where disposable vape products come in to bridge the gap. You can still have your much-needed nicotine hit but at a much lower cost. 

$30-$50 for a vape that can last a month or more? That is a no-brainer. 

Disposable Vapes are available in a Wide Range Of Flavours

Traditional cigarettes and cigars don’t have many flavours to choose from. You are looking at tobacco smoke flavour or tobacco smoke flavour with a hint of sickly menthol. Disposable vapes come in so many different flavours you might have a little trouble deciding which one to start with.

Less Mess

Traditional vaping devices may have been a long-term investment but they sure are messy. Any long-term vapers can regale you with stories of the many times they have spilt their bottles of vaping liquid over the living room carpet or had some fruity-smelling fingers after every single vape refill.

Disposable vapes are already pre-filled for you, so you can skip the messy bit and get right to the fun part. 

Optional Nicotine Strengths in Disposable Vapes

Many disposable vape brands have the option for you to alter your desired nicotine strength. For those of you using the power of vaping to kick your cigarette habit to the curb, this is ideal. 

So, not only can you slowly, over time, reduce your nicotine needs without that dreaded withdrawal period, you can do it in style and with a whopping number of flavours to choose from. 

Convenient And Portable

Disposable vapes come in so many sizes and shapes but, the one thing they all share is their convenience and portability. Most are easily slipped into your pocket and for the chunkier disposables, they will comfortably fit in a small handbag. 

Some do need re-charging but even then it is not often enough that you will need to carry a charger with you but many disposables come pre-charged and are completely ready to go with zero fuss. 

If you’re ready to jump into the world of disposable vapes check out our online store now. We have a wide variety of models, each with a wide selection of flavours.

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