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Vape Guide

If you’re a seasoned vaper, looking to quit smoking cigarettes or have a mate who is looking to quit the cigs, you are in the right place. New Year’s often brings a lot of new year resolutions. Perhaps you have considered vaping but are not sure what to buy!  

Here is a quick guide to get those creative juices flowing.

Vapes For Beginners

Whatever your reasons for being a beginner vaper, this industry can be overwhelming for a newbie.

Just Vapez Perth has the perfect solution for anyone who is just starting to dip their toes in the water of the vaping world.

The Tugboat Evo

Our number 1 suggestion for brand-new Vapers is the wicked Tugboat Evo. Not only do they have the coolest colours – ombre is always a good choice – but you have 18 different flavours to choose from.

These disposable vapes are all ready to go the minute you take them out of the box. No filling or charging is needed. Even better, you don’t need to press any buttons to activate it. Just inhale and it does its job.

Fruit Flavour Vapes

The best thing about vaping is that you do away with the horrid smell of traditional cigarettes, and you open up your palette to a whole world of flavours. If you love the fruity tutti flavours of the vaping scene, then this is the vape we suggest.

Gunnpod Wave Pro 4200

Not only does the Gunnpod Wave Pro give you a whopping 4200 puffs per device, but it also comes with 14 fruity and delicious flavours to choose from. This vaping system is pre-filled with 12ml of your chosen fruit flavour, so you don’t have to worry about messy filling.

Plus, this vape has a cool and fresh look and its rounded body sits comfortably in your hand.

Best Value Vapes

Let’s be honest, inflation is biting at our ankles right now. So, the more you can get for your $$ the better, right?

This next vape is a treat for the more cash conscious.

Vapengin 5500

At just $50, this high-quality vape device gives you a massive 5500 puffs! It has the coolest cyberpunk see-through look and comes pre-filled with 15ml of your chosen flavour.

And with 15 flavours to choose from – a selection of fruity flavours, minty ones, and a few sweet ones – you will never get bored.

Discreet Vaping

Not everyone wants the world to know they are vaping. For those of you who want a more discreet vaping experience, we have you covered.

Gunnpod 2000

This small and dainty disposable vape features a sleek and classy design. Pre-charged and pre-filled, the Gunnpod 2000 comes filled with enough vaping liquid for 2000 puffs and is available in 27 delicious flavours. 

The perfect vape device for slipping discreetly into your handbag or your pocket. 

If you are looking for the perfect vape, Just Vapez not only sells the best in the business but we offer free shipping for our Western Australia friends if you place an order over $200.

Fast shipping available to key locations such as Kalgoorlie, Albany, Broome and Perth. 

Your WA Vape Supplier. 

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