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Which iGet Vape Flavour Is Best For Beginners?

One of the best things about the iGet disposable vape is the massive array of delicious flavours you can choose from.

But, all those flavours can leave beginner vapers overwhelmed with where to start. 

The last thing you want to do is throw money away on a flavour you really don’t enjoy.

That’s why we have created this list of seven flavours perfect for beginners.

1. Dynamic Mint

Fresh, tangy, and minty. You really can’t go wrong with a fresh mint vape juice. Most iGet disposable vapes have a variation of mint flavours, perfect for beginners or those who want that fresh breath hit every time they vape.

It’s like a menthol cigarette without the smoky finish. 

2. Mango Ice

Fruity flavours are always a big hit loved by both beginners and expert vapers. However, some can be quite sweet but not mango ice.

This tangy, fresh flavour cuts that sweet spot with its smooth and exotic mango taste and finishing notes of icy mint. 

3. Cherry Cola

Let’s get nostalgic with the tangy blend of fizzy cola and the sweet and sour cherry top notes.

Unlike other sweet flavours, the cherry is perfectly delicious and the tangy cola complements the fruity tones perfectly. 

4. Plain Coffee

Can’t get up and moving without your morning cup of coffee? We bet you will enjoy the earthy, smokey, roasted taste of this rich coffee flavour.

Perfect for caffeine addicts who are trying to quit cigarettes and want to satisfy their coffee cravings throughout the day.

If you are trying to avoid sweeter flavours, this rich and strong espresso vapour will do the trick.

5. Strawberry Kiwi Ice

Sweet and tart strawberries compliment the juicy, tangy kiwi flavour of this popular vape flavour.

All our customers love this delicious balanced iGet disposable vape flavour. With its fresh mint finish, your mouth will feel clean and your nicotine cravings will be quelled.

6. Cotton Candy

For our sweet-toothed beginners, Cotton Candy is a winner. Sweet and simple, this flavour blends rich notes of vanilla with zingy raspberry.

Nostalgic and delicious, this flavour is reminiscent of a warm summer fairground. 

7. Mojito Lime

We can’t forget our cocktail lovers.

This bright, fresh flavour is perfect for those who love a cool, refreshing mojito on a hot summer’s evening.
Just like your favourite drink, this flavour is a perfectly balanced blend of crushed mint leaves, tart and tangy limes, sweet brown sugar, and sharp white rum. 

What iGet Disposable Flavour Will You Try?


Everyone has different tastes and it might take you a try or two to find your solid favourites but that is half the fun.

Click here to explore our wide range of iGet disposable vapes and their many different flavours. 

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